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Get Up And Move!

We've all been there, we know what we want to do, but somehow between sleeping in, watching TV, chatting on the phone (or these days the internet) and generally procrastinating – and yes it is procrastination, we just don't have time.

Well time is sadly *not* infinite and there will probably never been more than twenty-four hours in a day, so you just have to make the most of them... but wait... you can't, you don't have the time... you have too much to do. Your favourite TV show is on and you should really call your best friend, you haven't spoken to her in almost three hours now...

Okay, I borrowed that from the green cross code, but it's pretty applicable. You need to *stop* whatever you're doing and *look* around you and *listen* to yourself.

You want to loose weight, but well... "the TV guide says someone is going to die in tonight's CSI and I'll probably watch that game show thingy after it and then I'll need to go to bed"... the excuses pour out. In this modern world, almost everyone has a VCR, or TiVo, there are countless repeats and lets face it you don't really watch to watch that game show thingy...

You don't really *have* to watch CSI right then and there... but if you want to loose weight, you *do* need to exercise.

If you really want to be constructive, you could probably watch CSI while you exercise. I invested in a treadmill and TiVo, I record everything and watch it while I walk... instantly I save myself 45 mins to an hour. Even if you can't afford a treadmill or TiVo... you probably have a VCR and you can do plenty of exercises on the spot in your own living room.

There are countless reasons we give ourselves for why we *can't* do things, why we don't have time, but most often they are just excuses. The only way you can get anything done, is to do it.

You look at the pile of laundry growing steadily and you think 'oh I'll do it on Saturday, but Saturday comes and something else comes up... maybe there is a sale on at the Mall and even thought you can't afford to buy anything, you have to go... wouldn't it be easier to take a few minutes, put a wash in then and there. It takes five minutes and then another five to put them in the dryer or hang them out... maybe ten more to fold and put them away... it's not hard, you could do it during the commercial break of a TV show, or while your waiting for your oven to heat up to make dinner... hours of time daily disappear because you're "Waiting."

There are twenty-four hours in the day, but if you use all of them, you'll find you can get a lot done. If you get up ten minutes early, you could vacuum the carpet or do ten minutes of stretches. If you stick on a wash while the commercial break is on. If you put things back in their place right away, or take that ten minutes first thing in the morning to go around and put things away. You'll amaze yourself with the time you've saved, probably enough time to sit down and watch CSI, or call your friend and talk about nothing for an hour. The key is just moving. Never *wait* for anything, there is always something that can be done with a few minutes of spare time. So go on, don't just sit there... no matter what you have to do, the only way to do it is to "Get Up and Move!"




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